I am an assistant professor of Computer Science at Cornell University. My research interests are in computer networking with a focus on server-scale, rack-scale and long-haul photonic interconnects. My group develops systems and algorithms for efficient communication using photonic interconnects. We apply these systems to improve the performance of important applications like distributed machine learning and general planet-scale cloud workloads.


  • 2024.05: Thrilled to receive the PCCW Affinito-Stewart Grant from Cornell!
  • 2024.03: Thrilled to receive the Amazon Research Award!
  • 2023.08: Thrilled to receive the Cisco Research Award!
  • 2023.06: Abhishek’s paper on optical slicing got accepted to NSDI 2024!
  • 2023.05: Zhiying’s paper got accepted to ACM SIGCOMM 2023!
  • 2022.12: OneWAN got accepted to NSDI 2023!
  • 2022.09: Hammas’s paper got accepted to USENIX Security 2023!
  • 2022.07: Aashaka’s paper, TACCL, got accepted to NSDI 2023!
  • 2022.02: Selected as a runner-up for the SIGCOMM Doctoral Dissertation Award!
  • 2021.12: Paper on de-centralized WAN traffic engineering accepted to NSDI 2022!
  • 2021.06: Selected as a rising star in networking and communications!