Short Coffee Tour In Brooklyn

I was a staunch believer of “It’s Always Tea Time”. But then graduate school started and I felt the need for something stronger. That and the deliciousness of coffee. So I am largely a coffee person now. Its nice to be a coffee addict when staying in the vicinity of NYC. The city is full of cute little cafes that serve artisan coffee in a cozy setting. So this weekend we did a short coffee tour in Brooklyn. It was short because we covered only 3 cafes in the entire day. But the idea was to spend time reading in each of the cafes and enjoy the ambiance along with the coffee. This post is a story with pictures that hopefully captures the spirit of my coffee tour.

Between Semesters

I am in the place after the end of a semester and close to the beginning of the next. The semester break begins with the uncontrollable joy of having survived and the glowing hope of planned productivity. Or so it started for me.

Student Again! Settling in at SUNY, Stony Brook

Until recently, I was a software developer working on routing protocols at Arista Networks. I had a lot of fun working for Arista. The work was challenging, I was learning new things and the stock options were insane! With the comfort of it all, I had a nice place stocked with plenty of books and cute little cafes in my neighborhood. Here’s a picture of my living room from that time: