Avoiding Redundant Traceroutes

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Running traceroutes from arbitrary sources to arbitrary destinations is an expensive process. PathCache reuses existing measurements on RIPE Atlas to gather information about the Internet that users can subscribe to. The benefits are two-fold:

Interacting With PathCache

We have exposed a REST API for users to interact with PathCache. This is an easy to use (and work in progress) interface. As of now, our API:

Given an AS number (asn), returns the graph constituted by paths to the asn based on recent data plane measurements.

Given two AS numbers (asn1, asn2), returns the path from asn1 to asn2 based on recent data plane measurements.

Provides an endpoint to get daily updates made to the Internet AS graph based on the measurements done in the last 24 hours.

All responses are in JSON.


As you can see, PathCache is under active development. We hope to improve it incrementally based on how it gets used by us and the community.

Authors and Contributors

Rachee Singh Phillipa Gill

Support or Contact

If you are having troubles using PathCache, feel free to contact us. If you plan to write scripts that query our servers a lot, do let us know in advance so we can monitor how well we handled it (and improve).