Teeny Tiny Steps

I love grocery shopping. There is something therapeutic about it. Not because it is shopping, I don’t find shopping for clothes fun. But groceries have untapped potential. They are precursors to delicious meals, raw material for culinary adventures about to unfold. I look forward to going to the Trader Joe’s in Hadley and getting a week’s sustenance. An added advantage is that until the brutal New England winter strikes Amherst, I can bike on the Norwuttuck Rail Trail to get to Trader Joe’s. This trail will get a special mention in my thesis if and when I graduate from the PhD program. Here is why:

I took that picture today on my way to Trader Joe’s. The pretty bike in the picture will likely also get a mention in my thesis.

After a short 1.5 mile ride, I reached the break in the bike trail. This is where I lock my bike and walk to TJs. Among other things, I like that you can buy a pack of teeny tiny avocados at TJs for all you pretentious avocado toast lovers. I splurged on cookies and pretty flowers. Thankfully, it all fit in my bike panniers with the flowers on top of the back bike rack:

Biking in Amherst is a lovely hobby to have. Please, please, weather Gods, let Fall stay longer.