Visualizing Data: Part 1

In this post, I am trying to visualize some data on a map to get a fair idea of how things are distributed.

What is this data?

I am trying to visualize the location of servers which are a part of CERNVM’s Content Distribution Network (CDN). In Part 2 of this post, I will also construct voronoi polygons considering each of these server locations a site in the diagram. I have a JSON file that contains data in this format:

	location: {

(x,y) represents the latitude and longitude of the server’s locations. These are approximate values. [Sidebar: There was also some pre-processing that had to be done to get this data, I will describe that process in another post!]

Raw Materials

I am using JavaScript along with the d3.js library. Since I am really new to JavaScript, it has taken me a while to understand how it works. I haven’t quite got the tricks of the language yet, but I can comprehend bits and pieces of JavaScript code now.

Lets Visualize

So, this is how the visualization looks: